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Translation of the fifth book. Recruting, testing and training.
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Well, hi there everyone who is interested in the fifth book to be translated as soon as possible with the quality better then ever. Paulina and I agreed to announce this very call in order to have a strong team of translators by the issue of the fifth book of the Harry Potter series.
The general idea is not to let those who participated in translation of the previous books loose their skills as well as to attract new people join the team. Let us meet the issue of the book ready and well prepared.
Well, this is it about recruting.
The other proposal is that we find a good (very good) fanfiction story in English and with our reunited team translate it as if it was the book itself. This, I believe, will help us build a team. A team of strong and responsible translators and editors. This will also, as I hope, let as find the weakest link before it comes to a real challenge.
And there's one more question I have to ask you. We probably need to change some names in our vocabulary, so once the team is back together let us think it over and discuss.
So the Order of the Phoenix has been unleashed. Let the challenge begin.

Прошу простить за английский, недеюсь, адресаты этого сообщения найдут в себе силы его прочесть и понять.
В этой теме мы обсуждаем только процесс перевода (и правки). Мы здесь НЕ обсуждаем сроки появления глав на сайте или зеркале и способы получения доступа к ним.

Записаться в команду и взять себе главу в работу можно здесь

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Мокрый Маг
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А кто вторую главу редактирует?
Есть вообще редактор и корректор?
Откуда: Из города Солнца
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Не могли бы ответить: получили ли Вы главы 3 и 12?
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